The Book!

DCP BookI realize I fell in to the trap of working so hard on a project (the book) and then when it comes out I had a sense of completion, thus not following through on the not complete aspects, such as promoting the actual book. So with the craziness of the Book Release and the holidays past, I am ready to take up the task. The book is out and beautiful. We are nearly sold out of our first printing and will hopefully be able to do another run. It is available at the Southwest Regional Library (3605 Shannon Rd, Durham), hopefully it will be at local bookstores soon (we are waiting to find out if we can do another print run), and is currently available on and


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One comment on “The Book!
  1. Beth Clarke says:

    Amy – thank you is so inadequate for Saturday. That was so much fun and I’m so glad there was such a great turnout. Your seed of an idea has grown into this wonderful thing that I am so honored to be part of. :)

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