Flipbook Show Seeking Submissions!

I love the idea of this show! It’s so close to the Durham Comics Project in heart and mission that I feel so taken with this event. If you have time to make a flipbook, please do! Community art projects are so much more fun when the community participates.

Here’s the info from the Flipbook Show press release:

Kids coming up in the digital age have no reference for where all this technology came from. When I was growing up the only form of interactive media we had was in the form of flipbooks. And surprisingly, flipbooks are still around, even in the digital age. Why is that?

If you can draw a stick figure, you can create a story. If you can draw more than a stick figure, you can create a piece of art. Movies, video games, and animation are all just grandbabies of the humble art form. Flipbooks have been around for at least a couple hundred years, and they’re not leaving anytime soon.

The Carrack Modern Art of Durham, NC will exhibit artfully crafted flipbooks August 18-29, 2015. We believe bringing a low brow art form into a gallery space will result in some incredibly inspiring and creative work by both professional and unassuming artists. Visitors to The Carrack will be encouraged to pick up, flip through, buy and interact with flipbooks.

Selected flipbooks appropriate for a general audience will be stop motion filmed and on view at The Carrack and online. Flipbook sales go directly to the artist, zero commission taken. Prize for Best in Show will be awarded at opening reception. Live performance of flipbook show soundtrack will follow.

TITLE: The Flipbook Show
LOCATION: The Carrack Modern Art, Durham, NC
SHOW DATE: August 18 – 29, 2015
CONTACT: Hyewon Grigoni: hyewongrigoni {a} gmail dot com

Please view Seattle’s First Annual City-Wide Flipbook Contest here for a previous flipbook project, and to see how flipbooks translate to film.

Please visit www.flipbookshow.com for submission guidelines.

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3 comments on “Flipbook Show Seeking Submissions!
  1. Allie says:


    Love the idea, and would like to participate! Are you having another round in 2016?

    Thank you :)

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