The Book, Again.

So, websites. Since DCP has struck off on its own we no longer have the benefit of the great mind of the library webadmin to do such things. I am still learning how to make changes to the format of the site. One thing I have not figured out is how to make a new tab to make new pages visible. Until then, I will post this here so you know, buy the book. Boom!

DCP Book

Buy the book online through or or locally at Letters Bookshop.

The Durham Comics Project is a collection of short, autobiographical comics from Durham, NC. “The stories submitted for the Durham Comics Project range between whimsical observations about daily life, personal demons that make every day a struggle, a child’s delight or disappointment in learning something new about the world, and an adult realizing that the world they live in is bigger than they think. Encouraging non-artists to express themselves on paper as well as publishing seasoned cartoonists, the Durham Comics Project is a fascinating mix of styles and visual approaches. In each case, the joy of self-expression and the opportunity to relate personal stories is evident in both the scrawled cartoons of young children and the fine lines of experienced artists.” -Rob Clough (The Comics Journal, High-Low Comics)

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