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So, I’ve been bad about updating the location for the Drink & Draws on the events calendar for the last two months. They are now officially updated and will be updated regularly. If for some reason you believe that the info is wrong (like it says Cocoa Cinnamon but it’s winter – since we can only sit outside there we don’t meet there when it’s cold and dark) check the Meet-up page. That is updated regularly and is always up-to-date with the current location.

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2 comments on “Drink & Draws
  1. Debra Duncan says:


    I received the information about Drink & Draws. I have a question. I work with several young adults (18 and older) who do not drink for the more obvious reason as well as personal ones. May they join the group if they are not 21?

    Thank you,


    • Amy Godfrey says:

      Yes, they are welcome! It’s called drink and draw but we intentionally meet at cafes so there are non-alcoholic options. We’ve had people as young as 7 join us and everyone is welcome.

      Hope to see you there!


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