Drink & Draws

So, I’ve been bad about updating the location for the Drink & Draws on the events calendar for the last two months. They are now officially updated and will be updated regularly. If for some reason you believe that the info is wrong (like it says Cocoa Cinnamon but it’s winter – since we can only sit outside there we don’t meet there when it’s cold and dark) check the Meet-up page. That is updated regularly and is always up-to-date with the current location.

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There are new things on the horizon for DCP. Back in July DCP officially parted ways with the library to expand our scope beyond a single one-off project. The first and perhaps most important change is that it is no longer essentially run by one person. Hooray! It’s a lot of work and if there’s one thing this project needs to live to it’s full potential is some good old group brainstorming, collective strengths and delegation. We are looking into becoming an official non-profit and figuring out what we want to be beyond Drink & Draws. We plan on having more community comics storytelling project and want to stay Durham (Triangle) focused. Keep an eye on the blog for updates. If you have ideas you would like to share for the future of DCP please share them. Email durhamcomicsproject@gmail.com or reply to this post.

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The Book, Again.

So, websites. Since DCP has struck off on its own we no longer have the benefit of the great mind of the library webadmin to do such things. I am still learning how to make changes to the format of the site. One thing I have not figured out is how to make a new tab to make new pages visible. Until then, I will post this here so you know, buy the book. Boom!

DCP Book

Buy the book online through Amazon.com or Lulu.com or locally at Letters Bookshop.

The Durham Comics Project is a collection of short, autobiographical comics from Durham, NC. “The stories submitted for the Durham Comics Project range between whimsical observations about daily life, personal demons that make every day a struggle, a child’s delight or disappointment in learning something new about the world, and an adult realizing that the world they live in is bigger than they think. Encouraging non-artists to express themselves on paper as well as publishing seasoned cartoonists, the Durham Comics Project is a fascinating mix of styles and visual approaches. In each case, the joy of self-expression and the opportunity to relate personal stories is evident in both the scrawled cartoons of young children and the fine lines of experienced artists.” -Rob Clough (The Comics Journal, High-Low Comics)

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New webcomic from DCP Contributor

Ian Johnson, one of the artists who submitted to the book has started a webcomic! It’s a slice of life comic about the world of lifeguarding with lovely simple line work. Check out Suits and Guarders.

Here’s Ian’s DCP comic if you’d like to see more of his work:

Ian Johnson

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Flipbook Show Seeking Submissions!

I love the idea of this show! It’s so close to the Durham Comics Project in heart and mission that I feel so taken with this event. If you have time to make a flipbook, please do! Community art projects are so much more fun when the community participates.

Here’s the info from the Flipbook Show press release:

Kids coming up in the digital age have no reference for where all this technology came from. When I was growing up the only form of interactive media we had was in the form of flipbooks. And surprisingly, flipbooks are still around, even in the digital age. Why is that?

If you can draw a stick figure, you can create a story. If you can draw more than a stick figure, you can create a piece of art. Movies, video games, and animation are all just grandbabies of the humble art form. Flipbooks have been around for at least a couple hundred years, and they’re not leaving anytime soon.

The Carrack Modern Art of Durham, NC will exhibit artfully crafted flipbooks August 18-29, 2015. We believe bringing a low brow art form into a gallery space will result in some incredibly inspiring and creative work by both professional and unassuming artists. Visitors to The Carrack will be encouraged to pick up, flip through, buy and interact with flipbooks.

Selected flipbooks appropriate for a general audience will be stop motion filmed and on view at The Carrack and online. Flipbook sales go directly to the artist, zero commission taken. Prize for Best in Show will be awarded at opening reception. Live performance of flipbook show soundtrack will follow.

TITLE: The Flipbook Show
LOCATION: The Carrack Modern Art, Durham, NC
SHOW DATE: August 18 – 29, 2015
CONTACT: Hyewon Grigoni: hyewongrigoni {a} gmail dot com

Please view Seattle’s First Annual City-Wide Flipbook Contest here for a previous flipbook project, and to see how flipbooks translate to film.

Please visit www.flipbookshow.com for submission guidelines.

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The Book!

DCP BookI realize I fell in to the trap of working so hard on a project (the book) and then when it comes out I had a sense of completion, thus not following through on the not complete aspects, such as promoting the actual book. So with the craziness of the Book Release and the holidays past, I am ready to take up the task. The book is out and beautiful. We are nearly sold out of our first printing and will hopefully be able to do another run. It is available at the Southwest Regional Library (3605 Shannon Rd, Durham), hopefully it will be at local bookstores soon (we are waiting to find out if we can do another print run), and is currently available on Amazon.com and Lulu.com.


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Durham Comics Project Book Release Party!

The last 3 months of my life have been dominated by the DCP book and I will tell you it was such sweet relief when we sent it off to the printer last Friday. It was a relief that this book that I’ve dreamed about making for 7 years (since I was in library school) was actually happening. It was a relief because organizing community art projects is hard. This is not the first community art project I’ve organized – and if you’ve never done it, it’s a bit like herding cats – but it’s so rewarding when it all comes together. And finally, it was a relief because this book that I’ve put so much work into in the past year is turning into something I am really proud of. Patrick Holt, freelance graphic designer and librarian extraordinaire designed the book, cover, and layout and it’s beautiful! I can’t wait to share it with you all next Friday.   We even have a blurb on the back by a genuine comics critic. This thing is for real. So – whether you submitted a comic, attended a workshop, drew on the contraption once, or have just been following the project – come join us next Friday for the book release party! Everyone who has participated in this in even the smallest way should be celebrated because we’re making history with the DCP.

Friday, October 24


Cocoa Cinnmaon, 420 W Geer St, Durham, NC

We will have the Comics Contraption, a DIY Comics Photostation, Comics Games, sweet jams, and of course we will unveil the DCP Book. Everyone who contributed a comic to the project will receive a free book – everyone else may purchase one for $10.

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Submission from Ian Johnson

Ian Johnson

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Submission by Amy Johnson

Amy Johnsoned

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Submission from Assata Goff

Assata Goff 1 Assata Goff 2 Assata Goff 3 Assata Goff 4 Assata Goff 5

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